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How do I Install PenPal Pro?

So now you have decided to check out PenPal Pro, the penpal database, to help you keep track of all the letters and other things you send to all your friends and correspondents. How do you do that?

First, download the latest copy to your computer by clicking here. You may be asked to sign in or to sign up for an account - close the pop-up, an account is not neededto download the file. The file is almost 60 MB, and may take a few minutes to download to your computer. Save it somewhere you can find it, like your desktop.

Next, extract the files from the zipped downloaded file. You might do this by right-clicking on the file and selecting "extract" or by double-clicking on it and selecting "extract." This will unpack all the files into a new folder named "PenPal-Pro v2_2" (unless you choose another place).

Next, open the PenPal-Pro v2_2 folder and double-click on Setup to install PenPal Pro. If a security warning pops up, click Run

You should now see the Pen…