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PPPro: Language Written and Spoken

Your correspondent may write you in one language, and speak several others. You can capture these details about your penpal from the PenPals screen. Get there by clicking "Penpals" from the Main Screen and find the pal in question.

To identify the language in which you correspond with this pal, choose the language from the drop-down list beside "Writes in" then click the Save button at the top of the form.

To identify which languages they speak, click the "Pal Speaks" button. This will take you to a new window that looks like:

If you already have one or more languages for this pal saved, click Add Language to add a new one. If this is the first one, the form is ready for you to complete.
The Pal's name should be automatically filled in. If it is not, you can find them in the drop-down list. Then select one of the languages from the Language drop-down and click the Save button at the top of the screen. Click Add Language to add even more for this pal.

PPPro: List of Languages

PenPal Pro comes with a small list of languages already programmed in. These languages can be used for identifying what languages a correspondent speaks. Or if you speak several yourself, you can identify what language you use in corresponding with them.

If you or your pals speak languages that are not in the list, it is a simple matter to add more languages. On the PenPal Pro Main Screen, click the Lists tab. Then click on the "Languages" button in the left-hand column of buttons. This will open the Languages List screen.

Click the Add Language button at the top of the screen, to jump to a new, blank Language line. Your new Language will need a unique abbreviation code of up to 3 letters. Type in the code, press tab or click in the Language field, and type the language name. (If the abbreviation code is already taken, an error message will pop up. Try another code if this happens).
Click the Save button at the top of the screen, or press the Tab key to automatically save…

PPPro: Upgrade to Free or Gold editions

When you install PenPal Pro, you start in the Demo edition. All features and reporta work in this edition, but you are limited in how many correspondents and letters you may add to the database.

With the Penpal Pro Free Edition, those limits increase to 5 letters per day and 50 penpals or correspondents. Anyone may upgrade to PenPal Pro Free for free! There is no charge. You will, however, need a Registration Code. Send an email to to request your PenPal Pro Free edition Registration Code.

PenPal Pro Gold Edition is the luxury version of the database. As before, all features and reports work, but there are no limits to how many letters or correspondents you may have in the database. PenPal Pro Gold edition is available for $20 (Canadian), payable through PayPal. Click the link below to buy PenPal Pro Gold. Be sure to include your email address, so that we may send you the Gold Registration Code.

Email (for Registration Code) Once you have a Free or a Gold Regis…