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PPPro: Occasions

On the Significant Dates screen, you identify why this date is important for your friend. Things like Birthday, or Anniversary. Do that by selecting it from the Occasion drop-down list.
But what if the Occasions that come pre-installed do not cover why the date is special to them?
You can add your own Occasions to the drop-down list this way:
1. From the List tab on the Main Screen, click the Occasions button (look in the right-hand column of buttons)

2.This opens the Occasions List screen. From here you can edit any existing ones or add new ones.

For example to change "Anniversary" to "Wedding" click in the Anniversary box, delete the text that is there and replace it with Wedding. Then click the Save button at the top of the screen.

To add a new Occasion (for example "Baptism"), either click on the "Add Occasion" button, or click directly in the empty box at the bottom of the list. Then type the occasion name.
After you click the Save button an…

PPPro: Significant Dates

Your penpal or correspondent has lots of important dates for you to remember. Birthday, anniversary, or other important milestones. You can track them all through PenPal Pro.
From the Penpal screen, click the "Key Dates" button. This takes you to a screen that displays, one at a time, all the important dates you've entered for this pal.

To add a new one, click "Add Date" at the top. Their name should be automatically filled into the Name field.
Enter the date. Penpal Pro accepts many common date formats, so you can type things like "15/06/11" or "Jun 15 2011" or other patterns.
Choose the Occasion from the dropdown list. (Another post will show you how to add more Occasions to the list, if the one you need is not there).
Add any comments that might be helpful.
Then click the Save button at the top. Done!

Picture Puzzle 2.1 available!

Picture Puzzle has a new look!
Version 2.1 of Picture Puzzle adds a new look-and-feel interface, and animated flying puzzle pieces. The gameplay has also been tweaked to improve the user experience as you solve the puzzles.

There are 3 variations for your puzzle-solving fun:
Slider: The lower-rightmost piece is removed, and the rest shuffled. Using the blank space, slide adjacent pieces around to solve the puzzle.

Spinner: The pieces are all in right places, but they may be rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees at random. Each click spins the selected tile one quarter-turn clockwise.

Swapper: The pieces are all facing the right-way up, but are randomly scattered. Click on two pieces to have them swap places, until the picture is in the right order.

As before, for Easy-level games the puzzle has 6 pieces in a 2x3 grid, and Hard-level puzzles have 24 pieces in a 4x6 grid.