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PicturePuzzle Gold Shortcuts

When you activate the Picture Puzzle Gold Edition, some of the benefits you gain are Short-cuts.
In the standard Free Edition, it does not matter whether you click the right or the left mouse button, they both give you the same move. But in the Gold Edition, a right-click gives you a move-saving and time-saving short-cut.

In Slider, right-click on any piece in the same row or column as the empty space to move ALL the pieces over one space.
In the above picture, the right-most piece has trees and balloons, and belongs near the upper-left corner of the finished image. To move it one spot closer, you need to slide 3 others one square left. The whole effort takes 4 moves. But with the Gold Edition, right-click on that tile with the trees and the balloons, and it and every piece between it and the empty square all slide over by one. It takes just 1 move, a single click, and saves time. You will have better High Scores, with fewer overall moves and faster times.
In Spinner, the standard lef…

PicturePuzzle: Albums

Picture Puzzle v2 introduced the idea of Albums.
Albums are collections of photos, different puzzles you can play and solve.
When you install Picture Puzzle, you receive a default album automatically, with a handful of different images. You can download and install other albums, too. Images on a theme or from around the world. (Some installation package zip files include the Canada album as a bonus, which you can install by double-clicking the "SetupCanadaImages" file.)
Then, to access your installed albums, click "Change" beside the thumbnail image in the Picture Puzzle main menu screen.

This opens a standard "open file" dialog box.
 Albums are installed under the "images" folder, with each album in its own folder. So in the image above, the basic album ("Puzzle") and 4 other albums are installed. Choose an album folder, then an image, and click "Open"
Here are some other Albums you can download to install and play. Click th…

Picture Puzzle: How do I Uninstall?

If you need to remove Picture Puzzle from your computer, use the MS-Windows built-in uninstaller by following the steps below. They are designed to walk you through the process, which varies a little depending on which operating system you have on your computer.

In Windows XP, use the Add/Remove Programs utility.
    a. From the Start button, launch the Control Panel
    b.  Select Add/Remove Programs.
    c. Scroll down the list and find PicturePuzzle.
    d. Click Change/Remove to uninstall PicturePuzzle

In Windows Vista, use the Uninstall or Change Program utility.
    a. From the Start button, launch the Control Panel.
    b. Under Programs, click “Uninstall a program.”
    c. Scroll down the list and select PicturePuzzle
    d. Click “Uninstall/Change” and follow any instructions

In Windows 7, use the Uninstall or Change Program utility.
    a. From the Start button, click on Control Panel.
    b. Click on Programs and then Programs and Features.
    c. Scroll down the list and select Pic…

Picture Puzzle: How do I install it?

To install Picture Puzzle on your computer, either download the game (see the downloads page) and unzip it, or if you received a CD, insert the CD into your computer. Then follow these steps:

1. In the Windows File Explorer, double-click on the file “RunMeFirst.exe”
Picture Puzzle needs the Microsoft .NET runtime client on your computer. This will check and see if it is already installed. If it is not, this will install it. Simply follow the prompts to accept the license agreement and install (which will take a few minutes).
If you have it already, you may be asked about repairing or removing it. If so, don't do either, simply cancel this part of the install.

2. Once the .NET client is installed, double-click on the file “RunMeSecond.msi” This will start the game installation wizard.

3. On the first screen, click Next.

4. Review the PicturePuzzle License Agreement, then click Accept and then Next.

5. Follow the rest of the instructions during the installation.