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PenPal Pro: How to delete?

Penpal Pro was designed to be a permanent archive. That means that the ability to delete a record was not considered a high priority in the design.

For example: Rather than delete pals with whom you may have lost touch, leave them in the database, but mark them as "Inactive" rather than "Active" (using the Penpal screen).

But sometimes you need to delete a record. Maybe an error entry was made, or a pal got entered twice by mistake.

You can do this by navigating to the record you want to delete. Go to the Penpal details, or the Letter details, or other details. Then, while viewing the record to delete, press and hold the CONTROL key and press the MINUS "-" key once.

BUT... be very careful when using this deletion ability. You will not be asked, "Are you sure?" The record, if it can be deleted,* will be deleted immediately and there is no Undo ability.

*not all records can be deleted. If the system determines that other entries in your database d…