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Debugging Stories: Problems Logging in

I came across an interesting Debugging Story about login credentials that only worked when the user was seated. Whenever they attempted to login while standing, their credentials failed. Until one wise debugger asked the right question. Read the story here, in this book excerpt from Programming Perls by Jon Louis Bentley.

It reminded me of one of my own stories: the new user whose initial password refused to work.

I was part of a small team making a web portal for a medical insurance company. It would let medical practitioners submit predetermination-of-benefits requests before the proposed procedure was performed. We created a first roll-out to three partner offices, with a minimal set of useful features. We called it our Beta release.

Two of the offices began using the system right away. The third could not log in.

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts - Neon (4.6)

I created this page as a personal quick-reference lookup. It will therefore not worry about completeness (try here if you want a more complete list). My personal list will also be in a least-to-most-common use sequence. After all, the ones I use all the time I already remember. It's for the more occasional ones that I want a quick reference.

Ctrl + Alt + H Open Call HierarchyCtrl + T Quick HierarchyF4 Show Type Hierarchy
Switch View to...
Shift + Alt + Q then C ConsoleShift + Alt + Q then Z HistoryShift + Alt + Q then O OutlineShift + Alt + Q then S SearchShift + Alt + Q then Y SynchronizeShift + Alt + Q then T Type Hierarchy Java Comments

Ctrl + / Toggle CommentsCtrl + 7 Toggle CommentsShift + Ctrl + C Toggle CommentsShift + Ctrl + / Add Block CommentsShift + Ctrl + \ Remove Block Comments
Essentials for Java Coding

Ctrl + 1 Quick Fix - opens a context menu with useful time-saving coding shortcutsShift + F10 Opens Context Menu just like a right-clickCtrl + Shift + O Organi…