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Algorithm to Find All Divisors of BigInteger

I was working on one of the math programming challenges from Project Euler recently and needed to implement an algorithm to find all of the divisors of a BigInteger.

A bad brute-force approach would be to visit all values from 1 to N and see which ones divide evenly into N.

A better approach would be to just check all values from 1 to the square root of N. Any values found that divide evenly into N will also give another divisor, since if we have value i then we can find j = N / i where i <= j

But the Java API for BigInteger does not include a calculation of its square root. And I don't want to write an algorithm to calculate the square root today. This algorithm, however, is almost as efficient as one limited by the square root:

STAMP: The 5 Elements of Writing Automated UI Tests

What are the common elements for writing and running automated UI-driven functional tests?

I am a software developer, not a QA tester, so my interest is in writing some form of scripts to perform tests through a user interface; I am not into tools that record a user's UI interaction.

The question arose recently, while I sat through an introduction to the custom-built testing framework of a project I am working on. (first, a clarification: by "framework" for this article I mean the custom code that a development team needs to create in order for the automated testing system to interact in a meaningful way with the production code. I do not intend it to refer to the testing platform itself. I'll call a tool like jUnit or Selenium a tool or a platform, and the set of tests, test doubles, and other artefacts of testing a specific system I will call the Framework.)

My guide for the learning session had a tendency to do deep-dives into the low-level details. After several …