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Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts - Neon (4.6)

I created this page as a personal quick-reference lookup. It will therefore not worry about completeness (try here if you want a more complete list). My personal list will also be in a least-to-most-common use sequence. After all, the ones I use all the time I already remember. It's for the more occasional ones that I want a quick reference.

  • Ctrl + Alt + H Open Call Hierarchy
  • Ctrl + T Quick Hierarchy
  • F4 Show Type Hierarchy

Switch View to...
  • Shift + Alt + Q then C Console
  • Shift + Alt + Q then Z History
  • Shift + Alt + Q then O Outline
  • Shift + Alt + Q then S Search
  • Shift + Alt + Q then Y Synchronize
  • Shift + Alt + Q then T Type Hierarchy
Java Comments

  • Ctrl + / Toggle Comments
  • Ctrl + 7 Toggle Comments
  • Shift + Ctrl + C Toggle Comments
  • Shift + Ctrl + / Add Block Comments
  • Shift + Ctrl + \ Remove Block Comments

Essentials for Java Coding

  • Ctrl + 1 Quick Fix - opens a context menu with useful time-saving coding shortcuts
  • Shift + F10 Opens Context Menu just like a right-click
  • Ctrl + Shift + O Organize import statements
  • Ctrl + space Code completion aka Content Assist feature
  • Ctrl + Page Up Switch to previous editor tab
  • Ctrl + Page Down Switch to next editor tab
  • Ctrl + F6 Pop-up list of all open editors
  • Ctrl + s Save
  • Ctrl + Shift+ s Save All
  • Alt + Up Arrow Move current line up one line
  • Alt + Down Arrow Move current line down one line
  • Ctrl +Alt + Up Arrow Copy the current line and insert above
  • Ctrl +Alt + Down Arrow Copy the current line and insert below

Run / Debug

  • Run Java Application
  • Run JUnit Test
  • Debug Java Application
  • Debug JUnit Test
  • Step into method
  • Step over instruction
  • Step and return
  • Resume execution
  • Inspect


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