20 April 2011

Adding a Letter

Once you have a few correspondents saved in PenPal Pro, it's time to add a letter you received or sent.

That's what the Letters screen is for. Launch it either from the Penpal screen (which automatically fills in the Penpal information for you) or from the Main screen (you'll have to select the Penpal from the dropdown list)

To add a new letter, first click the "Add Letter" button in the upper left corner. If the Penpal name has been automatically filled in for you, move to the Date Sent / Received field. The system automatically fills in today's date, but you can change it.You can also add a description, to help you remember later any topics or key information in the letter.

In the "To or From me" box, indicate whether you sent or received the letter.
If your penpal sent the letter to you, your pal's "Reply Priority" will automatically fill in with their default value. Some pals need a prompt return and you might mark them as "High" priority, while others will only write every few months and might be "Low" priority. Of course, you can change the priority for any letter.
If you sent the letter, the "Auto-set Replied" button will be active. Click it to have PenPal Pro automatically mark any and all letters from this Pal as "Replied." (This keeps your "Letters I Owe" report accurate, so you always know whose turn it is to write).

When everything is filled in to your satisfaction, click the "Save" button et voila, you are keeping track of your Penpals!

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