20 April 2011

PPPro Main Screen

When you launch PenPal Pro, the first thing you see is a decorative splashscreen. Then, after a couple seconds, you are automatically taken to the Main screen. From here, you can access all the features and functions of PenPal Pro.

The Main screen has 4 tabs. The first tab is the "People" tab. From here, you launch all the forms that let you add or find data about your penpals and other correspondents.
Since the whole point of the system is to keep track of your correspondents, the Penpals button is front and center and extra-large. Click on it to go to the Penpals data screen.
Below it are buttons to take you to the Letters screen, the Addresses screen, the Hobbies screen, the Languages Spoken screen, and the Important People and Important Dates screens.
When you click on one of these buttons from the Main screen, data for all correspondents is included. For example, clicking on the Addresses button brings up the Address form, from which you can review all addresses in your database. You can also see addresses just for a single person, by clicking the Penpals button first, and then from the Penpals form, click the Addresses button.

The Reports tab on the Main screen lets you access all of the Reports built into the PenPal Pro system. You can see whose turn it is to write with the "Letters I Owe" report. You can scan for upcoming important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) with the "Upcoming Dates" report. You can list your correspondents by country with the "Pal Nationality" report. And so on.

The Lists tab of the Main screen gives you access under the hood of the PenPal Pro system. You can change or add new items to the dropdown lists that you see on other forms. This lets you tailor the system to your needs.

Is a country missing? You can add new ones using the "Countries" list. Do your pals have hobbies that are not found in the current list? Add as many as you need with the "Hobbies" list. You can add or change the kinds of correspondents, or addresses, or special occasions.

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